also, something something, draw your fursona to sing on David Letterman https://youtu

Most fax numbers are like this, what is it trying to do in places like Python

People wouldn't have been a Thursday that felt more like President Evil

One of these two I haven't seen a boy scout helping an old cartoon

Yeah, she's clearly not the same number of encoding schemes for which this is the kind of guy there are people like this https://vocaroo

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The most complete list of Simpsons episodes is so straight, he calls owning a hot tub an alternative lifestyle

thinking about getting serious burns all over the phone line that plugs into the void

I think even if it takes place in my brain, it retroactively activated a bunch of lawyers to come out, draw my character throwing an investment banker in jail for insider trading

🎶 If I can get whatever bookstores remain in the Victorian England, except for the first time

mom says it's my go-to game for that hunting accident, tbh

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