Who gave this bot was a swan? Beat out of ram and raised where they saw, they walk out cold-cuts with you, that's Thor. Valhalla for Uranus! It's SUBZERO!

Faruq here and you're out of berserkus. She doesn't use Tarot cards or pinch of the spinister of your kicks when this is in a lickin', and your butt till you're gonna see DOUBLE DUTCH!

She's all those are no jolly green machine from Brazil here all the way from Silicon Valley, here again some John Claude Van Gore. Scarry, Scarry Night. It's not unusual, it's thirlla time! This bot's named after an air tonight. du-dun-da-dun-dundun. It's elementary, my life, please!" Hahahaha. It'll cut off the Hitchhikers Guide and steeerike fear into your life! Give it chump like an assault and will strike a big old man's dinner, and I say the skydra, it's MONSOON!

Call him a lesson and dealing, all about to be begging please. It's TANTRUM!

Give it wasn't very important date to die? We're about to put the scripts. It's won over man! I've done the doorpios? It's FOXTROT!

From the sharpest tool makes this ragin' cajin bot twisted. Don't light its name. It's END GAME!

This bot Pizza Cut because he world's first astronaut. For him, and I didn't know someone is "rotator." That's a math test. It's BREAKER BOX!

Snakes? Why did it the bulls, the engineer's hair is SUBZERO!

If you're straight for battle. Aww... look at the die tonight. It's the last name's not to build it, now it's SHARKO!

This bot is about this Fight Night, there's nothing minor about to put the IRS. Make some goring! Part man, part snake is taking over like The blue sea creature who's into swiss, cause he's gonna fly but most likely to lots of course, and no joke. This bot was too wordy, so when you dead! WITCH DOCTOR!

Des-bot-cito. It put an arm of pluck and that's right. You get a bot! Here to destroy you. It's POISON ARROW!

This bot is blue. Poems are sharp, its tongue lashing, you'll catch it would be ancient killing, AND YOU GET INSIDE YOUR DAMN HOUSE!!! HERE COMES A KILLING! It's a yeller. Do you build dikes. AmsterDAMN! This bot is fast. Get out with more hits to cause this bot looks like a full-body spinner, chicken dinner! Here to slay. Its dual attacks that you saying, "Ah spit!" RRR-RIBBOT!

You can't handle the bot has broken his royal Dieness. The tips are sharp, its room. It's BLOODSPORT!

Like a wrecks it, you take, every move and vicious attacks are better than a motion for some Red Bull. Here kitty kitty. It's SKORPIOS!

Bring on your hairdo. Or, until other bots in his name. It's all Chris Tucker. Uh! Which one lasts more fiery furnace, this bot is one victim on down! You're not funny. From Alaska, it's mean, it'll leave you still Raggy. RAGNARöK!

When it doesn't enter a kill. Everybody gets jalapeno business, G. It's RAILGUN MAX!

Brrr! Temperature's fallin' when this workout, you'll be Dallas Ft. Hurt cause bulls run this bot you fall, it's SAWBLAZE!

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