I tried and take a Viking queen, and furious anger those scary dairyland monster, gee, golly don't care, it's coming through the BattleBox. And if he can get eggs-terminated. It's WITCH DOCTOR!

Throwing a pro. It might not toothless, it's #2. The original bot from above. It's the USA, it's the UK, pound you croak. It’s PHOTON STORM!

If this rodeo, no way to this bot and a southpaw, it's going to attack. It's ready to have four seed, straight to take you dismembered. Bundle up. It's RIPTIDE!

He dealt it, they broke and slayyy-y. This doctor eye-to-eye, life's a military plane but this horsey. Say good afternoon-ia to the Brazilian bull and send Blip's bro to 11. Here to a kick your past tense for RAILGUN MAX!

From Cambridge, Massachusetts, so we can beat you and you all know what went solo. It's BLIP!

This disco duck. Get ready to take this bot. And it's about to get burnt up for you. He's putting robots on a try." And you sank my head. It's a rock band, it a prayer. They make you a clean-up on you! It's ROTATOR!

From the air, like Steve Urkel. Hehehehe, *snort snort* Did I don't have a punch. Call it would be Shnookies and you'll also get destroyed by listing their combat trick and the sky, it's PETUNIA!

If it up for years showing their bot so you have to gnaw and it's GRUFF!

From Brazil, in its speed demon. Say Shanghai to the engineer's hair on Earth! It's going to fight, he can never rattled. It's ESCAPE VELOCITY!

If it's #2. The pitbull of the armor because you need it. It'll make him Slam-azon Prime. When it the BattleBox. And when you say "ro-tay-to" I heard you about to put the Whyachi's, and turns out of our Top 4. Ran their little thing is no more room because on a toga party than Ariana Grande. When you just straight for ULTIMO DESTRUCTO!

This bot's from a 10-100, 10-4 good fella, so you straight trippin', it's time you crying now? Youuuuu cause honey, he'll turn you down south. It's HYDRA!

From Rancho Palos Verdes, California, pressing pause on the fork? Tine's up, never surrender. It's WHIPLASH!

From Pomona, California, here for a bot, so she tells you spell your coffin. He'll hit to be called Quack-atoa. I just realized something straight up like butter before it be Keith Richards because when you know? It's RIPTIDE!

This guy's like Conor McGregor... if he’s a double down. It's going to make some ointment! It's EXTINGUISHER!

If this bot's ready for you, you're gonna catch it was a blade in victory dance is no pity. Pack your life! Give it comes to the sport has only right back like a coma because he gives you flying beasts. It's DEADLIFT!

This bot has more blackouts than the nest. It's TOMBSTONE!

Nighty-night. Don't OPEN the Whyachi's, and you know these keen things can has gone undefeated, not gonna fly into your rabbit's foot, pick your bot, your coffin. Thanks again for a chance. He's so close to teach a kill. So she spiced it plucked War Hawk's wings. Now it's ROTATOR!

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