We used to have Winifred Pike, Helen Sands, and Edward Bertie Clay. Now we have no pike, no sands, and no clay!

We used to have Helen Sherer Burns, Ethel D'Arragon Courage, and George Young. Now we have no burns, no courage, and no young!

We used to have Ann Marie Therese Courage, Karl Fees, and Leslie Gordon Cotton. Now we have no courage, no fees, and no cotton!

We used to have Madi Bacon, Henry William Burrows, and Myrtle Young. Now we have no bacon, no burrows, and no young!

We used to have Bob Masters, Maxwell Young, and Elizabeth Hay. Now we have no masters, no young, and no hay!

We used to have Edgar A. Bras, John Inns, and Harvey Miles. Now we have no bras, no inns, and no miles!

We used to have Barbara Gates, Curt Beer, and Walter Rice. Now we have no gates, no beer, and no rice!

We used to have Victor Renders, Elizabeth Cotton, and Ted Hicks. Now we have no renders, no cotton, and no hicks!

We used to have Jeff Pears, Federico More, and Roland Leather. Now we have no pears, no more, and no leather!

We used to have William Ker Hay, Conyers Herring, and Richard E. Caves. Now we have no hay, no herring, and no caves!

We used to have Denis Stairs, Susan Waters, and Cor Dirks. Now we have no stairs, no waters, and no dirks!

We used to have Thomas Forrest Cotton, Pieter Pot, and František Eduard Tuna. Now we have no cotton, no pot, and no tuna!

We used to have Gustav Suits, Elizabeth Barnwell Smith Mills, and Peter Edward Courage. Now we have no suits, no mills, and no courage!

We used to have Frederick Tees, Benjamin Franklin Eaves, and Keith Sparks. Now we have no tees, no eaves, and no sparks!

We used to have Charles Forbes Septimus Money, John Power, and Gus Dirks. Now we have no money, no power, and no dirks!

We used to have William Franklin Woods, Joseph Henry Banks, and David F. Bowers. Now we have no woods, no banks, and no bowers!

We used to have Doug Young, A. D. Hope, and Chet Gay. Now we have no young, no hope, and no gay!

We used to have Elizabeth Shanks, William Agar, and William Cash Pope. Now we have no shanks, no agar, and no pope!

We used to have Jordi Comas i Matamala, Enrico Groves, and Marcus Simplicius Quietus. Now we have no comas, no groves, and no quietus!

We used to have Frederick William Mills, Hermann Beer, and Eric Templeton Young. Now we have no mills, no beer, and no young!

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