We used to have Moritz Leopold Beer, Josef Abs, and Myrtle Young. Now we have no beer, no abs, and no young!

We used to have Alanson Knox Hawks, Heinrich Bales, and William Yore. Now we have no hawks, no bales, and no yore!

We used to have Emil Dukes, Mary May Miles, and Walter Rice. Now we have no dukes, no miles, and no rice!

We used to have Charles Joseph Hardy Ropes, James Hay, 1st Earl of Carlisle, and Berta Sanders. Now we have no ropes, no hay, and no sanders!

We used to have Sofie Links, Eugène Bourgeois, and Jacques-François Le Boys des Guays. Now we have no links, no bourgeois, and no boys!

We used to have Daniel Cotton, Henry Rice, and Bill Gore. Now we have no cotton, no rice, and no gore!

We used to have Crawford Gates, Stephen Gold, and Alexander Nahum Carp. Now we have no gates, no gold, and no carp!

We used to have James Hockey, Robert Dick, and William Donovan Shores. Now we have no hockey, no dick, and no shores!

We used to have Robert Chamney Scales, Raymond T. Rich, and Julius Gold. Now we have no scales, no rich, and no gold!

We used to have Ann Duck, Andreas Theodorus Spies, and Buddy Miles. Now we have no duck, no spies, and no miles!

We used to have Evelyn Helena Piers, John George Graves, and Barbara Pope. Now we have no piers, no graves, and no pope!

We used to have Rudolf Luck, Thomas Howard Fellows, and Georgie Woods. Now we have no luck, no fellows, and no woods!

We used to have Len Mills, Stan Masters, and Amalie Fries. Now we have no mills, no masters, and no fries!

We used to have Lady Flamina Hay, Sarah Sophia Banks, and George Barrows. Now we have no hay, no banks, and no barrows!

We used to have Fred Land, John West Wells, and Mary Frances Butts. Now we have no land, no wells, and no butts!

We used to have Peter Waters, John Pike, and Young J. Pope. Now we have no waters, no pike, and no pope!

We used to have Sir Robert Bacon, 5th Bt., Erskine James Hope, and Friedrich Funk. Now we have no bacon, no hope, and no funk!

We used to have Arthur Martinis, Phil Napoleon, and Georg Michael Funk. Now we have no martinis, no napoleon, and no funk!

We used to have M. A. Hawks, Hugh Rose Pope, and Wayland Flowers. Now we have no hawks, no pope, and no flowers!

We used to have Wiley Britton Sanders, Betty Foss, and Harry Gold. Now we have no sanders, no foss, and no gold!

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