We used to have James E. Mayo, Narcís Comas i Esquerra, and Edgar Basil Cocks. Now we have no mayo, no comas, and no cocks!

We used to have Henry Piers, Michel Bouts, and Samuel M. Bay. Now we have no piers, no bouts, and no bay!

We used to have Irby Curry, Jules De Cock, and Bill Young. Now we have no curry, no cock, and no young!

We used to have Richard Robinson Curling, Alois Bass, and Allan Dick. Now we have no curling, no bass, and no dick!

We used to have Helen Lowe Rice, Caroline Parsons, and Thomas Samuel Weeks. Now we have no rice, no parsons, and no weeks!

We used to have George Mesnard Parsons, Barry Steers, and Margaret Vines. Now we have no parsons, no steers, and no vines!

We used to have Sithu U Tin, Ed Wells, and Calixto Gas. Now we have no tin, no wells, and no gas!

We used to have Eduard Camps i Cava, Elisabeth Beer, and Freda Hands. Now we have no camps, no beer, and no hands!

We used to have James Abraham Howlin Graves, Edwin George Ross Waters, and John Banks. Now we have no graves, no waters, and no banks!

We used to have Don Burrows, Hester M. Shine, and Albert Groves. Now we have no burrows, no shine, and no groves!

We used to have Johann Friedrich Rock, Violet Edith Gertrude Sands, and George Gore. Now we have no rock, no sands, and no gore!

We used to have Harley Greville Bacon, Daniel E. Frost, and Hannah Snow. Now we have no bacon, no frost, and no snow!

We used to have Alice Graves, Johann Peter Movers, and Lonnie Brooks. Now we have no graves, no movers, and no brooks!

We used to have Clara Philippa Miles, Ellen Hope, and Richard Way. Now we have no miles, no hope, and no way!

We used to have Catherine Smithies, Walter Hay, and Zebulon Pike. Now we have no smithies, no hay, and no pike!

We used to have Essie Summers, Janet Young, Baroness Young, and Norwood Young. Now we have no summers, no young, and no young!

We used to have James Cairns, Edith Cotton, and D'Arcy Power. Now we have no cairns, no cotton, and no power!

We used to have George Miles, James Hope, and Fanny Sanders. Now we have no miles, no hope, and no sanders!

We used to have Antoine-François Bourbon, Alice Driskell Young, and Fred Smithies. Now we have no bourbon, no young, and no smithies!

We used to have Thomas F. Mayo, William Woods, and Pere Salsas i Trillas. Now we have no mayo, no woods, and no salsas!

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