We used to have Lawrence Preston Joseph Graves, Anton Grams, and Philip Parsons. Now we have no graves, no grams, and no parsons!

We used to have Stephen Spring Rice, Jerry Lynn Young, and John George Children. Now we have no rice, no young, and no children!

We used to have Hercules Sanders, Henry Chambers, and Margaret Miles. Now we have no sanders, no chambers, and no miles!

We used to have David Woolf Marks, Percy Wells, and Frederick Woods. Now we have no marks, no wells, and no woods!

We used to have Fritz Angst, Árpád Nits, and Alexander Hay. Now we have no angst, no nits, and no hay!

We used to have Lucille Shields, Brian Power, and Israel Mayo. Now we have no shields, no power, and no mayo!

We used to have Edmond Howard Gorges, Shep Fields, and Dennis Dick. Now we have no gorges, no fields, and no dick!

We used to have Robert Cotton, Leo Lances, and Huntington Cairns. Now we have no cotton, no lances, and no cairns!

We used to have J. Wyley Sessions, Francis Arthur Rich, and Eugénie Cotton. Now we have no sessions, no rich, and no cotton!

We used to have Moses Young, Hans von Staff, and Norman Banks. Now we have no young, no staff, and no banks!

We used to have T. P. Dick, Don Bacon, and Chester Gore. Now we have no dick, no bacon, and no gore!

We used to have Ralph M. Waters, Betty Eileen Courage, and Dung phi. Now we have no waters, no courage, and no dung!

We used to have Louisa Manners, Thomas Gorges, and Elizabeth Carter Brooks. Now we have no manners, no gorges, and no brooks!

We used to have Adam Hay, Shabbethai Bass, and George Hope. Now we have no hay, no bass, and no hope!

We used to have Lillian Wells, Véronique Silver, and Sir Archibald Hope, 9th Baronet. Now we have no wells, no silver, and no hope!

We used to have Larry Steers, Sarah Hicks, and Gloria Hope. Now we have no steers, no hicks, and no hope!

We used to have Ivor Paul Coats, Eric Heed, and Thomas Cockburn Graves. Now we have no coats, no heed, and no graves!

We used to have Eva Lips, Lucien Young, and Henry Knight Storks. Now we have no lips, no young, and no storks!

We used to have Ruth Sophia Joan Gore, Alfred Power, and Gertie Shields. Now we have no gore, no power, and no shields!

We used to have Ben Waters, Nathaniel Mead, and George W. Parsons. Now we have no waters, no mead, and no parsons!

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