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generally, I'll pick a stock phrase, put it into the rotation for a few years until people get sick of it, and then pick something new. I've been saying "follow your dreams" as a good-bye for so long, I barely notice it any more.

if I'm talking to someone who has a bird fursona, I'll try to modify the second one to include that somehow

I greet people with either "Hey there", "what's the word, mockingbird", "howdy", or simply saying the time of day, like "morning" or "afternoon". It's a real wild card.

I still don't know what a vibe check is, I just know everyone keeps making vibrator jokes about it

the phrase "teach a man to reason and he'll think for a lifetime" has been running through my head from a music video I saw in high school

now I just imagine someone from reply guying me with that

computer programmery 

computer programmery 

computer programmery 

rating the lady supervillain emojis 

twinning kink 

the apple and whatsapp ones look like an early Modemoiselle if you add the pink streak

most of them are already pretty good, except Microsoft, who really dropped the ball on this one.

infiltrating emoji vendors one by one to make the female supervillain emoji into Modemoiselle

there's an ad in the elevator for something called "socktoberfest", which I assume is some celebration for perverts.

i tried searching for "carmen sandiego hat", but that just gives you the same cheap prop hat

also, most of the listings are for identical products from fifty different chinese resellers, but that's true of anything on ebay

searching ebay for "wide brimmed hat", but all the pictures of hats are floating in the void and are photographed at an angle that gives you no information about brim size

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