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Friend has new housemates, and one of them is named "I/0"

which, uh, why didn't anyone tell me that's an option, holy shit

I haven't wanted a premium Plex experience the last fifty times you asked, but maybe you'll catch me in a good mood

if you give a mouse a gender, you're gonna have to cough up some pronouns, too

I keep thinking it'd be horny to give my catgirl Yotsuyu hair, but it doesn't look good in her/my particular shade of blonde and pink

Hey, @hierarchon , was it Adampor Keep you wanted me to play last night? Because I just rouletted and it was pretty fun.

lady: this will be a long and arduous trial, testing your endurance to the limit

me, hopping in my fucking car: what

Lyse struggling to explain why they have nations and borders to kids is very commie

This isn't even the first time you have to gather poop to continue the main story!

XIV character: we're gonna have a great feast!

Me: does this mean more fetch quests

ffxiv horny 

skunkgirl gf asking for your help practicing her tailswish to make sure it's as mischievous as it gets. It's already pretty good, but she needs a second set of eyes, you know?

I hate that I can't fully enjoy this game, and it's partially my fault and partially that ARR is just incredibly story dense

well, it's because I wasn't paying attention for most of ARR, but

how did I miss the whole Titan mind control thing in XIV until now

supervillain hypnokink joke 

grs, someone's done this before, right 

it feels like I'm picking on the straight couple here, and it's only because I mix them up with that other dude. If they wanted a regular amount of ribbing, they should have been more distinct.

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