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making fun of terf shit 

i think the author of this has the same thing i do, where i read that one post about "trans women will never connect with the divine feminine. trans women will never synchronize with the Moon Goddess." or whatever and it sticks in my head

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i gotta stop myself from just posting almost every line that makes me laugh, but I can't say no to "Dick/Ball Synergy Bonus" and "So there's more than one way to have a dick. There are four ways."

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in better news, the same bundle has a solo journaling game called "Princess With A Cursed Dick" that I gotta try soon

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it's... not good, but reassuring to see someone else out in the wild who's also aware of fucking F.A.T.A.L

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looking at this itch sex work censorship bundle and laughing my ass off at, especially "That's also at least 100,000 times as many combinations as popular genital customization game (?) F.A.T.A.L."

thinking about that "emulates the decision-making ability of a human expert" definition again and how the reason we call these things "computers" is because they do the work of people whose job was to do math all day.

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the stardew valley menuing noise sounds too much like the mastodon bloom for me

english people be talking about "the continent" like there's just the one

oh, good, you'll be able to buy final fantasy fourteen again later this month

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