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I'm with the united states forest service service. my job is to jerk off the trees

people always ask me "but lupin and zenigata are the ones with the chemistry". and i always tell them "that's not a question, and also I wish I had a slice of that pie"

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the thing about me is that i'm constantly pumping out absolutely perfect jokes, and i'm only recognized for it some of the time

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oh, me? i own a shipping company. we hold the patent on pictures of lupin and jigen kissing

honestly, if people were driving dump trucks full of money up to my house because they wanted to use my cartoon dog to sell insurance, hell yeah

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charles schultz wrote a comic for fifty years about nine year olds with depression and sold out as hard as he could. perfect career

Hi, I'm Linus T. "The Tip" Techtips. You may remember me from online. I'm here to talk to you about something very near and dear to my heart: i want to kiss a computer

don't get me wrong, there's a lot of ups and downs, a lot of cool folks and a lot of shitty straight guys that don't understand consent. you can guess which one of those dilbert man is.

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the worst part of the hypnokink community? it's definitely that scott adams is in it

i feel a little bad for getting everyone talking about dilbert with my very important poll

if only there were a way to find all the dilheads and bertboys in the crowd

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do you make dilbert

yes, I look at these every time I drive, but that means my brain just kinda ignores them at this point

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