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hypnokink, fraiserposting 

Fraiser's going to Mount Rushmore, which is only going to turn the "I've been there" knob in my brain even higher

@BestGirlGrace ooookay i think i got it. purple stands for queer history, orange stands for community, green stands for knowledge, pink stands for passion, and black stands for EVIL, PURE BLACKHEARTED MANIACAL EVIL

also i REALLY love the lightning bolt hanky code idea, btw

Hm, wonder if I can get touchscreen scrolling working without having to sacrifice a goat

Also, this is just a good laptop, though I'm not sure the screen issue is fixed. If nothing else, it's a good house machine.

Also, it even does that two finger scroll I love on the touchpad AND has touchscreen support AND the screen looks gorgeous

and I haven't had to mess with a single driver, bootloader, partition, or real time clock.

also, is there a way to turn off getting mastodon desktop notifications for favs

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