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if you're neither a bird nor Lo, consider if you'd look good with feathers.

depiction of gay affection, fuzzy tummy rub and tippy taps edition 

the duck is for my bird friends, and also it cost exactly the 60 tickets I had left

I have found my calling, and it's the goldfish machine at the arcade

twinning and supervillain stuff 

ych: your character as one of the weird little CGI bowling pin cartoons they show after you bowl

work took us bowling and
- I suck
- incompetent coworker is doing these Fred Flintstone-ass bowls and getting like three strikes in a row, so I guess I know where his skill points went

And then using her grappling parasol to hook into a passing helicopter with one hand and grabbing her Murdermaids with the other.

How else do you think she sprints down the street, dual-wielding burlap sacks full of cash?

Modemoiselle, like myself, is a shitty bowler. Unlike myself, though, the dress enhances her physical abilities.

any tv series that goes on long enough will inevitably have either a bowling episode or a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory episode.

I guess what I'm saying is, get ready for Modemoiselle and the Show Stoppers: Strike That From The Record

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