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depiction of gay affection 

Buffer Overflow - an educational, hypnokinky, brainhacky short story 

more programming talk 

also, your boss is a dingus who repeats what he reads in those clean code books without thinking. don't put too much stock in what he says. especially when he says "declare all your variables at the top of your function" and "exactly one return per function". you know, C89 stuff, not c# stuff

whatever subsequent generation of interns has to work on that thing: i'm worry

the thing I worked on for my first software job had a gigantic amount of static global state, and everything was in this thing called a TypeFactory which was a dictionary we pretended was a dependency injection container and everything would register itself in the typefactory and take stuff out as needed

it was a mess

you know, stuff that happens when you ask a bunch of college students to write software, and this is their first professional software job

I bet they're still making new batches of interns work on that and selling it to unfortunate customers

the other project was Fluency, which doesn't have the test coverage it probably should

and I'm giving the side eye to everything I've done in enterprise world, because Hoo Boy

This is the first thing I've done where running the unit tests gives me some actual confidence that nothing broke, and the second where the tests actually test something useful

Quick math suggests that msync has about 70 percent more lines of code in tests than in actual implementation, which sounds like a good ratio to me.

the lion's share of those are in two tests, both implemented today once I realized it wouldn't be that hard to do this

update: it was a double free or something that happened during the testing framework's cleanup. moved stuff around and fixed that right up.

ah, that most c++ of errors: the mysterious segfault when going out of scope

Consider this foreshadowing for the inevitable Grace interactive CD-ROM

you know the scene at the end of the magic school bus show where the kid calls in and says the magic parts are unrealistic? 

Buffer Overflow - an educational, hypnokinky, brainhacky short story 

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