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like, when a friend sent me that Fortnite girl who looks exactly like a Grace, it was... I guess validating is the word for it?

being able to say "it me" is a really good feeling, especially when other people Get It

this isn't just computering, either. if you take a chemistry class, they'll spend a lot of time talking about molecules and them bumping against each other. For example, if you know that if we say something is hot, it means the molecules are moving faster than average, and you know that reactions happen when two molecules bump each other, do you think more reactions would happen if your mixture was hot or cold?

They want you to form a mental model of what's going on so you can answer questions with critical thinking instead of memorization.

so you can go make exciting new stupid mistakes, as I did tonight.

the other lesson from this thread is "you never stop making stupid mistakes, you simply get better at recognizing the ones you've made before"

the coworker I complain about all the time does not do this. he doesn't, like, have a mental model of the computer and what the things he's telling it to do actually mean. He just kinda tries things until they work. No effort to learn about the machine and how to effectively work with it.

the skill that has served me better than any other, both in the CS world and in general, is the ability to quickly form mental models of a system. that is, the quicker you can develop a feel for what the system is doing under the covers, and the quicker and more accurately you can get your model to approximate reality, the better time you'll have

this is really hard to do, because the point of assumptions is to not have to waste precious brainspace on stuff, but it's an important skill for computering and also in general

the moral of the story is: listen to Grace. if she's not around, try examining your assumptions

for example, one time, i was in a group project and folks spent like half the allotted time changing the file, recompiling it, and naming the output "test"
and the dude kept running it just by typing "test" at the command line
and my first thought was "you gotta do ./test so it knows to look in the current directory" and he brushed me off
long story short, turns out he was running the built-in bash test command the whole time and I was right

in conclusion, since I know I have people following me who are curious about software and development: 99 percent of the time, if a problem seems resistant to being solved, there's a good chance you're going about it wrong and the answer is obvious and somewhere else
one percent of the time it's some absolute bullshit, though, but don't decide on that until you've ruled everything else out

small update to I tag non-horny queer villain stories as and horny villain stories as . which you might think is backwards, but 'cape kink' is the one folks tend to search for, and I want them to find the right stuff.

Yep, that was an easy fix.

Would have been easier if I wasn't getting lied to by the debugger, but what're you gonna do

art wip, drone kink, more of that doodle from before 

update: I'm pretty sure it's a much more regular kind of bug

I know i have a dangling pointer *somewhere* but now I gotta find it and asan just tells me about the segfault I already knew about

ah, time to settle in and enjoy my favorite bizarre c++ memory errors

you can also pronounce it like a motorcycle noise if you're in a hurry

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