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skunks have poor eyesight, which means that more skunkgirls should have cute glasses

I like the tail swishing aspect, but it's not like skunks have a monopoly on fluffy tails

Being a skunk furry is great, but there's no good word for the sound skunks make.

why was the company in Monsters Inc. named Monsters Incorporated? we don't have any big companies named Humans Incorporated

and, follow up question: do any of them actually protect you from the sun

cause i'm a
thot bottom
check it and see
i've got libido burning inside of me

two generals
two generals kneel before you
(that's what I said now)
this one has sent some messengers
(that's some bread now)
and this one has no way of reliably communicating with you
(that's what I said now)

if I could get away with bringing a Franziska whip to work, same thing

originally, I wanted a parasol for supervillain prop reasons, but now I'm starting to think it'd just be handy

programming shop talk 

A lock of my bangs is sticking up, and I don't want to touch it because it might grow into an ahoge and make me a protagonist

on one hand, I'm blonde, which would imply that I'm Liquid Grace

On the other, I clearly got all the dominant genes

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