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JERRY: I think I'd be a pig. Jerry Swinefeld.
ELAINE, nodding thoughtfully: Elaine Bunnis.

there must have been a hailstorm back home because I've gotten two calls today from people offering to fix my hail damage

this dude's name is Matt Godbolt, which is probably the biggest gulf between name coolness I've ever seen

Jordan Peterson coworker just realized that manbearpig was an allegory for climate change

this time, she wound up taking a picture of it on her phone and emailing that in, and it apparently worked out

my mom's job involves getting a Word document emailed to hey every six months, filling it out, and emailing it back, and she still hasn't figured it out

Later, at Monk's:
GEORGE: Armadillo. Can you believe it, she called me an armadillo. Didn't even have to think about it.
ELAINE: I dunno, I think they're kinda cute. Plus, you got your armor for when you curl up into a little ball.
GEORGE: What little ba-
Grace shows up and scoots into the booth next to George. Her tail flops onto his face. He shudders and tries to ball up.
JERRY: So, what animal would you give me.
GRACE: A fursona is a personal thing. We can talk it over, but only you can make the choice for yourself.
GEORGE: Oh, so he gets the touchy feely speech? Why didn't I get that?
ELAINE: Have you seen you?

GEORGE: What would I, you know, be? Like, you're a skunk, what's my thing?
ME, not even looking up from the paper: Armadillo.
GEORGE: Armadillo? I can't believe this, I bare my soul to you and you give me armadillo?
ME, turning the page: Would you prefer something else?
GEORGE: *sputters, storms out*

I can't believe I didn't already assign fursonas to the Seinfeld cast, I thought I had such a good read on past Grace

Of course, the real reason is that he doesn't like the fursona I assigned him

JERRY: Why do you let her treat you like that? Getting whapped in the face with that thing all day can't feel good.
GEORGE: Yeah, she pins me against the wall, and sometimes she does the thing with the crystal that I don't even remember, but that tail-
JERRY: Yeah, for once, the tail is chasin' you.
GEORGE: You ever find the sweet spot on your bed? The most comfortable spot in the world? You just wanna lay there forever?
JERRY: Sure.
GEORGE: The whole tail is like that! I can't even leave the couch when she's there.
JERRY: Something stinks in this relationship, and it ain't you!

I'd whap him with the tail every chance I got. It wouldn't even be a choice, it'd just happen.

I think George would really enjoy the skunk tail and get a little hooked on the musk, but I'd always be knocking stuff over, can't comfortably sit in a car, and I would not be able to keep myself from bullying him

"Are you still master of your domain?"
"Princess. And yes. Shame you're not." She snaps her fingers, blows an enchanted heart, and leaves.

this is a good post because it combines two of my favorite things: channeling George and talking about slice of life fursona stuff

@BestGirlGrace @Frinkeldoodle i think he'd be 100% on board with all my various fursona shit (cold to the touch, 40 feet tall, etc) but couldn't get over how i pronounce the first syllable of pasta the same way i say the word "past"

@BestGirlGrace for me, i'm gonna say it'd have to be the whole frinkel clone business freaked him out
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