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ah, the four genders: henry winkler, yuuuuup, dude who's constantly mad at his wife, and other

*guy has a kid who doesn't look exactly like him* way to jump the shark

I stopped watching storage wars right around the time when they started introducing, like, new kinds of guy. Weird twins, tall guy, dude who likes his wife, just every kind you can think of

kink teasing 

they won't be making any more warioware games after WarioWare: Taxation Is Theft! bombed in its native Japan

this is a long walk to a not very good joke, but what're you gonna do about it?

fiat currency is any currency you can use to buy a Fiat. with the opening of my crypto-accepting car dealership, I'm making millions of Bitcoin nerds have the thing they hate most

unfortunately, in this world, I'll probably be shattered by a Snap To Your Senses or smashed by a Blunt Truth.

your phantom tollboothsona is you if you were a literal interpretation of a phrase or idiom. mine is named Crystal Clear, her words make an awful lot of sense, and she'll lead you off the Drop Into Trance

I thought by now I'd have been on fire at least once and gotten trapped in a video game and had to win to exit


it was alright, but I don't think there were any ghosts in this one

this instant udon was made by "Japanese noodle artisans with a Japanese spirit", so I think I'm in for a treat.

dryad girl just starts getting checks in the mail from the ecocoin people

also, it's weird to hold paper when you're a tree

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