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*Mike Rowe pointing to his phone voice* yeah, let me get out my microphone

He probably owns a bunch of 'em, I wonder if he's made this joke. I know if I was named that, I'd make this joke all the time. Like the kid who got sued for registering

going to the store to get a micro SD card so that I'll find three of them when I get home

*when you're getting tired of anime fans* more like gurren logoff

sure, we here in America might "elect dangerous reactionaries", but at least our backwards date writing convention makes cool numbers sometimes.

the only thing harder to find than a flash drive when you need it is a micro SD card

in the future, your clout score is based on how many libertarian follow bots you can accrue

realizing I was gay and developing a sona and whatnot have all been very good for me, but I think I really just wanted a cutie mark type design I can doodle everywhere

ordering from the sticker website with a fake mustache to double dip on the deals

tempting fate by saying "there are officially no racist kpop stans on social dot illegal pornography dot com"

the problem with being horny at Costco is that you can't post about it until you leave

one of these days, someone's gonna actually have diarrhea and a boner and nobody's gonna believe 'em

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