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I'm just saying that if it's between Cool as Ice and vintage pornography, well, you're starting at a disadvantage.

also, something something, draw your fursona dressed as Vanilla Ice here

I got hiccups laughing at someone trying to sell this Cool As Ice laserdisc for a hundred bucks

Okay, most of these were instances generating previews for the link, but that's less fun

people be clicking on without a second thought, but when you post a link like they're all like "I'm not clicking that. I'm a square from squaresville, daddy-o"

I'm doing tabletop tomorrow and I have to decide if my saucy pirate queen's signature item is going to be her big, ridiculous hat or her sword

the hat is more fun, but the sword is more practical

it happens a couple times and it's really jarring that they never say "Legos"

the least believable part of the second Lego movie is that anyone calls the individual Lego pieces "bricks"

*me, a girl, preparing to operate some cannons* womanning the cannons, captain

anyways, check out my new subscription service for getting your fortune read, Fatereon

this is probably the wrong time launch my new account, Regular Sized Debbie

I only change my display name when I'm up late because that's the only time it seems like a good idea

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