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The bathroom, though, hoo boy. So you step into the bathroom, and the first thing you see is a big pink recliner. There's an end table with a roll of TP sitting next to it. Then a sink, then a bathtub that converts into a bed with the help of a mattress and a piece of wood.

You go inside, and the place has two rooms. It's pretty big, and separated into the kitchen/living room/etc. area and the bathroom. The living room was... normal enough. I slept on the sofa bed in there, and she left her collection of VHS tapes in the house, which we'd watch on the TV in there.

The first thing you notice about the house is that several of the windows don't let you look inside the house. This is because she enlarged scenes from Snow White onto large pieces of particle board, glued them over the windows, and then put furniture behind them. So you'd look in the window and see a bunch of mice and birds making a dress.

Alright, so, this is a Jan the Chicken Lady thread. My family met Jan when I was young and we bought a house from her on Whidbey Island, WA. The house is a treasure.

at work: man, I can't wait to head home
at home: man, what the hell am I gonna do

Destiny 2 is fun, except for:
- gating exotics behind tedious PvP challenges
- some areas are pitch black for no reason
- super easy to get turned around

DESTINY 2: you gotta shotgun 25 other players in PvP, and also you only get two bullets every time you spawn
Me, nodding: ah, good, normal, and not frustrating

Weird how much better the website that presents the posts on chronological order is

like, you can see things happening in real time, instead of posts being dredged up from over the course of the last day

food question 

"you're free now", I whisper while opening water bottles and pouring them onto the Safeway floor

when I'm old I'm gonna get roasted all the time, and I'm gonna deserve it

one time in school we had this geologic timeline going back to when the Earth was formed, and I got in trouble for writing "dirt invented" and then "[teacher's name] born" underneath

if Elon Musk was in the Harry Potter world, he'd be dating the Grimes of Grindelwald

Jeff Bezos is divorcing his wife because she said "more like Beff Jezos"

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