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I thought “there but for the grace go I” earlier and was reminded that Grace is the reason for all good things in the world and anyway I just think that’s neat so thanks and stuff, Grace ^_^

I grow more powerful when someone says my name, and the easiest way to do that is make terrible posts

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Submitting to a polygraph test to prove he's never been horny

i love to go to Toby Keith's I ❤️ This Bar And Grill and order the American Soldier burger, which is just a cheeseburger except you get it for free if you're a troop, and some fried pickles. we will give you seven, a prime number, so you cann't share evenly with your tablemates unless there are seven or one of you. welcome to toby keithhs

they make some good boxes, but they don't really seem to understand how Americans use websites and stuff

Microsoft is happy to pretend your computer is your xbox as long as you're on the same network

me: sony, can I upload a profile picture or add a friend through your website
sony: [radio silence or broken website]
people on sony forums: no. why would you want to do something like that. use the app. fuck you

sorry i thought that was gonna go erase some identities yall want anything???

Starting a Mastodon instance that displays each post number on the post so people try to do gets again

An education is one of the finest things you can get yourself, Harvard dunks aside. But if I post all my opinions at once, I'll have to start posting the real garbage. You think I've made bad toots before, wait until I really start scraping the bottom of that barrel.

Their digitized Stan Lee is creepy, like that reanimated Orville Redenbacher they had doing the popcorn ads for a while.

On the plus side, Journalist MJ is pretty badass, but then I have a soft spot for journalists.

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