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@ItsMorgan @cuttlefish it wasn't easy writing the book on birds, but it means i can sell even more fucked up skeletons than before

"Everyone welcome the Tentacled Entrepreneur. His generous investment will help the Great Hellbound Railway thrive. All in favor of kicking him off the board?"

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@rockario As near as I can tell, they're... made out of a lot of things, kinda like a sausage or chicken nugget.

And the actually-fresh ones are much worse.

@rockario i think there's a point in the game where you can hunt and eat a giant squid, and it does *not* taste like rubbery lumps

@rockario They're described as "Rubbery lumps, encased in a rubbery crust". They... may or may not be made from squid

i made a really weird, scary bird and now i have a shitload of... rubbery lumps

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@irisjaycomics Hey, fucking mood. Brains are rude about this sort of thing

and, yeah, it'd be nice to not have to care about what other people think, but Here We Are

@irisjaycomics part of the fun of this podcast is to surprise people with how weird horse show gets

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet @ItsMorgan @cuttlefish it was basically all the game had for "an endgame" until recently, when they let your character complete their big ambition quest and build a railroad

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