like, i get it. i'm a lesbian. i'm a horny supervillain. but it's a little gratuitous, show

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the firefighter lady gets her clothes exploded off right before a big, dramatic death scene. then she grows firey ears and fox tails and it's implied she kills people in a really horny way

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the thing about fire force is that it's a really good anime. it's gorgeous, it's entertaining, it made me like shonen again, but it also just has this really uncomfortable fan service for no reason

in the future, people will talk about podcasts like people talk about shakespeare's plays

my dad on yaoi 

@hi_cial currently reading the last word and saying "Yaoi!" to myself in the "mario going wahoo" voice

"Manga genres sure do have a lot of funny names these days. Say, what does BL stand for."
"Boy's love."
"Boys love what?"
"Boy's love manga. It's the name of the genre."
"Of course boys love manga. Everyone does."

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the only way i can remember which one is yuri and which one is yaoi is that tumblr post that says "yaoi and shota sound like things an excited prospector would say"

@00dani see, i didn't know that's how the original word was pronounced, and now i understand the pun the title is making

re: weird c compiler output 

@monorail yeah, it'd be nice if it showed you what it had in mind. i've worked in c++land long enough that i don't expect compilers to be that helpful

weird c compiler output 

@monorail i-isn't it trying to tell you that you probably want *src?

@Balina I always imagine these two as, like, trapped in this endless topographical purgatory, and lady voice finally managed to get dude voice to listen about the sphere thing

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