@catgonbot I just feel so naked running Scholar without my shield buttons or aetherflow stacks

there's only three buttons here!


oh, good, they actually explain the goo bomb mechanic

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winding up in copperbell mines like "oh, yeah, none of my buttons work here"

@KC Hell yeah, let a thousand new comics bloom with very good names

@Inumo I'd like that quite a bit, dear. No rush, of course, there's still a pandemic on and it's not like I'll have many places to cosplay for a while, but it'd still be a lot of fun, imo.

@Inumo I do! I just don't have a good way of saying, out of the blue, "Hey, nerd, at a minimum, I need this vest that doesn't exist in real life and a shirt modified with some ridiculous cuffs. I'll pay for parts and labor, of course.", y'know?

@KC i could never get into the comic itself, but the title? top notch

I don't know much about she-ra, but I know that a she-ra porn comic had this, one of the best titles of all time, so

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this sentence is my cellar door and I only regret that I'll have so few chances to use it

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anyways, now that i've horse booted up the timeline, i really do have to go to bed. rest well, dears. dream of love winning

i guess the deep lore of


is that she divorced the ctrl alt delete video game man

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