talking to Kim to figure out whether it's normal to have opinions on whether the horse girls should kiss

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i'm just saying that if disco elysium were about me, one slot in the thought cabinet would be me slowly making progress on understanding homestuck

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alright, i gotta go to bed because my brain keeps trying to tell me "Sunset Vriska" and I'm not qualified to grapple with that idea

faerie in 1147 Germany describing phenomena that won't be observed until 1927

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it is more useful to think in terms of probabilities- there's a 12 percent chance of xer gender being in this quadrant, 7 percent of it being over here- than what the gender actually is at any given instant

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thus creating a phenomenon known as "gender fruit salad syndrome" or "the gender-electron cloud"

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much like how a 4-dimensional object passing through 3D space would appear as weird, shifting 3D slices to observers in that space, Lścisława's gender and pronouns fluctuate wildly from moment to moment

contrary to popular belief, a 9 to 5 has nothing to do with the hours worked. It's called that in honor of Dolly Parton's hit song, 9 to 5

@rockario @junebug The show was great! You wound up fucking the drum in the heat of the moment, and now people are gonna think that's your Thing

@junebug I feel like the big music moment is something that happens when the stars align, right? The band's all on the same page, the mood is right, the crowd is vibing, and you hit it.

lower decks s3e6 

It's weird seeing the cartoon version of DS9

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