@MrJimmy Well, sure, but I would miss seeing you in my mentions and generally around. kicking ass, taking names, etc.

@MrJimmy Ah, but then who will I work together with so we achieve ever greater posting heights?

@lynnesbian you've heard of phone weasel, you're tired of vape ape, now try queevf boy

Daniel "queevf boy" Sieradski organized hip-hop concerts with Israeli and Palestinian rappers, with a project called Corner Prophets, with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts.

if selfagency had used the letters b, q, v, and y to describe his hip hop business, it'd be one of those quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog deals

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@BestGirlGrace please tell me this isn't an alphabetically sorted version of the corner prophets thing

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we live in a society
we laugh in a society
we love in a society

@violet @ben @lynnesbian it can't be going that great, since all Google thinks it is is this clickbait site that claims to have proof that God doesn't exist projectbebest.com

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