@sidd_harth0_5h4h nothing, really. it's just a weird joke about how stores advertise themselves in the US

thinking about offering great brands at everyday low prices. has anyone done this yet

@dialupdoll the little valve looks really flimsy to me, I'd prefer a proper crimper tool, but that's A Whole Thing

@dialupdoll this is how you make, like, ethernet cables, being able to do it with power cables would rule

i'm not sure I trust this, though

@fluxom_alt I dunno about eboy, but I'm definitely getting, like

a parallel universe grace where i'm a cool high school teacher

mtg arena 

i'm tapped out and you have three times lethal in the air. why are you fucking around with combat tricks

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friend keeps sending me pictures of the new boruto character, and my brain keeps reading her as twilight sparkle

mocking internet reviews 

@heatherhorns "ah, now my audience will be as informed as they are entertained."

thinking about angrily reviewing things. has anyone done this yet

mtg arena: if you keep playing, you'll earn an Orb
me: what does the orb do
mtg arena: the Orb awaits

@Canageek big, gay supervillain lair, elaborate kink parties, and, of course, I'd never work again

@Timmy @jaye rockinmonkey.com/ is the place I use, they're reasonably priced, don't have huge minimum order sizes, and, to my knowledge, they're not owned by anyone with terrible politics

diamond heist is a great lawyer, but she really shoulda caught this one early

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my lawyer, who is me in a blazer, calls and tells me that i'm legally obligated to start a fourth podcast

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