@millenomi It's very funny that nobody ever had to try hard to name a language before folks started coming up with conlangs.

@millenomi lmao, wikipedia says they almost called it "la lingvo internacia" and changed at the last minute. Good call, folks.

@FirstProgenitor you even get to see your character stretch and wake up when you log back in

most just name themselves after their word for "language" or "global language". finally, someone made a good language

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it's very funny to me that toki pona means "good language". why don't more conlangs do this


i usually describe the Lady as a milf, which mostly means she falls asleep on the couch a lot and doesn't know how to use a computer

it's fucking weird seeing emojos from bofa.lol in the emoji dashboard

if you let a macassar and an antimacassar touch, they cancel each other out

i don't know if the joke sequel, erlang the movie 2, is good, but "webscale, noSQL, badass, rockstar, get-the-girls, get-the-boys, impress-your-mom, impress-your-dad web services" tickles me

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