@junebug this is a mood, honestly

"Ah, jeez, they probably don't want me to put my editor hat on and go into every sentence that reads weird, huh"

writing a story: art
drawing some characters: art
putting them together into a visual novel: not art, somehow

@LilyVers i have a rapidly changing and inscrutable Type, and you distilled some good essence of it

@LilyVers I mean, that's a sizable chunk of that fae dragon thread, so it's only reasonable that it'd cross pollinate with such ideas as Big Grace.

ffxiv, thinking about changing my character 

@Balina @junebug Given how much the WoL teleports, it was really only a matter of time before someone got their aether mixed up with mine.

ffxiv, thinking about changing my character 

@junebug That's not a bad idea. There's worse uses of ten bucks than some Big Grace tourism.

@LilyVers That does sound about right, given where my thoughts have been lately.

Think of all the space on her body for potion bandoliers.

I did it in like six hours, but that was watching a lot of cutscenes and getting the cash from a friend

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the hard part is getting the dough. The best man's set costs at least 30k gil, which is not easy to get when you can't even use the market board

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@galaxgal That's how I always did it. Especially if you're using some kind of sandwich press.

new final fantasy 14 speedrunning category: wedding percent

how fast can you get to the Sanctum of the Twelve while wearing the Best Man's set

ffxiv, thinking about changing my character 

I bet she'd look fucking great in the princess dress, though

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ffxiv, thinking about changing my character 

Like, yes, Big Grace hot, but I don't look at her and get quite as euphoric as I do with Cat Grace.

I guess I can always fantasia back once I've had my fill of Big Grace

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