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@fluxom_alt @distressedegg Finally. I can't wait to start being hip, trendy, and historic as soon as they finish building that light rail in five years

survey at work be like:
"are you male, female, transgender, or other"
"is it important for you to give to a charity that addresses the effects of racism in their work", like I'd want to give to the most racist possible charity otherwise

@minty_da in the future, people are always getting riled up and caught in the lasercurtains

also, they make fuckable flags

@minty_da "My large adult cyberson has gotten hold of a gluten product dot com and wants to get auged into becoming a catgirl. Folks,"


you: slimefeld (guitar riff)

me: hm pretty good. What else you got

you: *this toot*

me: Fuck this .

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@Xaxifrax "This is the family YouTube comment. People will know that we were first for all time. It's my legacy, and now it is yours."

@Xaxifrax YouTube does this, too, which is a heck of a thing to see on a comment

JERRY: "So what did you do?"
GEORGE: "What else could I do?"
J: "You came in the slime."
G: "I came in the slime!"
J: "People saw?"
G: "Oh, people saw. They clapped, Jerry. Clapped!"

@fluxom_alt @distressedegg Come on down to Bellevue, we got
- the good Daiso
- good girls (me)
- bougie folks

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Hell yeah, I can take the bus for three episodes to cancel one of them

@violet God, the Costanzas are so expressive.

Hm, Festivus is coming around.

@realtoddhoward due to a miscommunication, the finished piece is of her burning a Puerto Rican flag and I am run off to one of the free speech extremist instances

@violet That was one of my first ideas. That or the end of the Marine Biologist.

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