@artemis @diodelass Almost every minidisc player can record- the idea is that you'd record your CDs or tapes or whatever onto your blank minidisc. Prerecorded minidiscs are rare and expensive. (This is why it was too late in the US- the record industry sued to make sure it wouldn't let folks make too many digital copies!) Mine is one of the later ones that lets you use Sony's annoying proprietary software to put your MP3s on there with all the metadata.

@spottyfox "That stuff's for squares, anyways. You kids ever been wrapped up in a big ol tail and sprayed?"

"what made you decide to be a furry?"
"I thought about how it'd be fun and inconvenient and horny to have a tail, and, well"

@photophoregirl I believe it. I'm sure the chair question has been asked and answered before, just like it was with the "wear pants with tail" thread.

It's like the hat hair conundrum, but every time you sit down. Sure, you don't care if you're sitting on the couch at the end of the day, but you gotta weigh the options if you gotta look presentable at work or whatever

@jackdaw_ruiz You know, it's starting to sound like a pretty good deal if you're looking for a break from chairs with backs. It's probably comfier than those kneeling chairs.

and there's, you know, a big thing in the middle that holds the back of the chair to the bottom, so you gotta sit at kind of a weird angle unless you wanna lean against your tail. And maybe that wouldn't be so bad, if you can take some matting.

most office chairs have a gap between the seat and the back that a tail could slide into, but it's gonna hurt if you stand up too fast without sliding it back out.

@KitRedgrave That, too. Plus, you get the "what do you do with your tails" thing even more.

can't sit correctly because gay, and also because do you know how hard it is to get a tail like this

I imagine skunkgirl Grace tends to sit in chairs sideways, suspending herself across the arms, or youth pastor style just to sidestep the tail squish issue (squishue).

@selontheweb I like to try and get the highlighting to match up between the lines. this is as close as your toot got.

Which is really just a specific case of "chairs suck if you have a big, floofy tail".

Hope you enjoyed your break, because I'm gonna be back on my general nonsense tomorrow. I'm already charging up a thread on "skunkgirl trying to drive a car"

I told y'all I'd go a whole day without posting any software takes, and it's all thanks to logging off.

@Balina "Please, Robert Takedown was my father. Call me Bob. BT if we're friends."

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