getting to the bottom of this "america" business from the only worthwhile source: the ace attorney fandom wiki

talkin' about this kobold bard 

"You ever notice how humans have clothes that fit and they don't have the efficient, swaying walk that a tail grants? What's the deal with that?"

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tonight's adventures in smut writing 

had to get up and draw some diagrams to determine the best way to lewd someone you have pinned under a picnic table

i guess technically a selfie with eye contact, but it's kinda incidental to the situation 

how the hell did this happen

there's some hypnokink in the picture, but it's incidental to the point of the post 

did you even have to ask

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grace has been in a real particular furry mood lately, so this is gonna be lewd, referring to "you", now it's more about getting tailcoiled and maybe a little hypnokink 

Rest well, dear. <3

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