doing blaseball cosplay of Allison Abbott, selfie, eye contact, a girl who can absolutely kill you and also capitalism with a baseball bat 

"So, we gonna do this or what?"

selfie, eye contact, blaseball, tiny antifascist furry pornography sticker 

anyways, bonus low-effort Seattle Garages player cosplay

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selfie, eye contact, blaseball adjacent 

braved the hot sun and the disease for gay reasons

bonus to getting a bat at the thrift store: it's already beat to hell for bonus gay

the only reason this doesn't have a subfootnote is that LaTeX doesn't support them by default

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selfie, eye contact, more blaseball cosplay 

well, the Spies won their against-all-odds game, so I'm keeping my word.

"Which two of you are running home with you?"

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selfie, eye contact, lewd cosplay, blaseball 

"Hey, this is Alexandria Rosales from... not the Houston Spies.I'm here to check the Jess-er, the phones?"

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