With the help of the lovely @irisjaycomics, the Shelf of Oddities (and also board games) grows a little more mystical. Nothing like a slab of granite and hunk of steel to class up the joint.

Boss asked who it was in my profile picture at work, and it took a minute for my brain to reboot and say "Oh, it's, uh, me, I hired a friend to do it"

cartoony video game girls holding guns and knives and such, grace is reminiscing about trans stuff and a video game, long 

also, the game she's from, Wacca, is my new favorite rhythm game. basically, you touch and slide on the touch sensitive circle around the screen to hit notes. the swishy motions and button work make you feel like you're operating a rad as hell anime robot.

fictional drug mention, video game gun, lots of dead video game cops 

selfie, eye contact 

payday 2 screenshot with gun and a dude getting lasered 

my xiv character bullying noted twink Alphinaud, hypnokink? 

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