monster hunter worldposting 

she looks bored even when she's diving for her live. like she's falling sarcastically

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monster hunter worldposting, last ffxiv thing i'll post for the night, honest 

i named him g'raha tia

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monster hunter worldposting, finished character 

she's fucking exhausted. her glowing scar's been keeping her up all night, and she really just wants to sleep.

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monster hunter worldposting 

i'd like to thank this dialogue box for going against every other box like it

like, usually this is a "are you sure?", where "yes" means "discard changes" and "no" means "go back to the menu", but this is "you're going to leave either way, do you want to save the changes"

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Sup, nerds. Wanna buy some software on floppy disks? Of course you do. That's why I'm selling msync, my command line mastodon client, on floppies! I have builds for Linux, OSX, and Windows ready to ship.

And if floppies aren't your thing, I have these lovely Office of Consensus Maintenance stickers, too.

I accept orders by internet, fax, and mail.

this picture is hitting me. he looks so genuinely distressed. i want to give him a hug

ffxiv screenshotting, eye contact from big lesbian 

how did I get this far without a tank top

you know, if selling software on floppies doesn't work, I can just start signing the disks themselves

ffxiv screenshotting, gay, more wedding pictures 

i said "wow! cool robot!" on stream when the kiss sailed over her head

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