i mean, it is. while there are other species that can talk, cows, mules, donkeys, griffons, and dragons are all second-class citizens. they don't seem to get any representation in government.

not that Equestria seems to have much government beyond the two god-kings

like, there's a whole Thing about how Equestrian ponies by and large don't trust zebras

@BestGirlGrace this reminds me of the time I got wayyyy too drunk and said "APPLE JACK IS FUCKING LANDED GENTRY"

@QuakerWanker see, I read Applejack as working class. Yes, she and her family own the farm, but she struggles to, say, pay for her grandmother's hip replacement

@QuakerWanker working class is maybe the wrong term, but she does backbreaking physical labor for honestly not much pay

@BestGirlGrace probably almost none since she seems to deliver her cider free of charge to the capital all in return for like... Getting to hang out with Celestia's... Whatever twilight sparkle's original relationship to her is... Charge? Handmaiden? Surrogate daughter?


@BestGirlGrace "It sure was nice for Celestia to share her bottom with us eh Rarity?"

@BestGirlGrace it really is a kind of serfdom just like with the occasional windfall of a royal girlfriend

@agonist @BestGirlGrace @QuakerWanker for what reference the comics are worth, in one issue where the mane 6 are afflicted by a weird evil hex, they all become bad versions of themselves and applejack's whole thing is she starts demanding rent from the CMCs. Applejack functionally operates within a peasant class area too me

@BestGirlGrace which is wrong the main ensemble are all simply wealthy serfs or patronized athletes and artists they are shown giving "gifts" (tithes) to the royals

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