considering the online culture shift away from "xXx_sepiroth512" type usernames and towards "weedboner" type usernames

at some point, it stopped being cool to have numbers in your username, unless they're one of the funny joke numbers

i wonder if part of it is that you're more likely to have to tell someone else your username, either online or face to face, so having something that's easy to say/write is valuable

@BestGirlGrace my impression is that it was always cool to have no numbers, but having numbers was pretty normal

now, having numbers as a disambiguation measure is actively uncool

@monorail Yeah, that makes sense

if the name you want is taken, you're more likely to introduce underscores or dashes or add "Official/Real/Vevo" or come up with something else entirely than add a number

@BestGirlGrace surely the triple X has never and will never go out of style though, right? That can't possibly not be cool. :blobcatthonking:

@BestGirlGrace I remember playing runescape and it was a matter of notoriety to have a name like "7" or "hi"

@Anarkat Oh, sure, and having a short username is always a status symbol in a sufficiently popular place where names can't be reused.

@BestGirlGrace like everything is all about Branding now and you cannot easily brand as xXx_sephiroth512

@lunalapin @BestGirlGrace agree, you say your online handles a lot more nowadays. And you have to hear *other people* say your handle

@rockario @lunalapin yeah, especially in this age of group voice calls where people assume your name (or, at least, what you'd like to be called) is some substring of the name on the screen.

@BestGirlGrace @rockario @lunalapin and, if you're an ascended terminally online entity like me, your actual irl name is just your SN bumped over into real life

@BestGirlGrace Biggest reason is two-fold: 1. Numbers related to birthdays end up unintentionally revealing info that these days would be considered better secret, 2. Said numbers can sometimes intersect with other numbers and have unintentional meanings 3. Saying the numbers to people for emails is difficult and prone to errors 4. Many others may have the same username just with different numbers, the numbers can even collide, because the numbers often show up due to generic names like xXx_sephiroth, which then results in confusion. 5. Some services are 'firstname lastname' which interferes with using an old school username.

@Canageek @BestGirlGrace I wrote a semiserious style guide for username creation. Didn't even think to mention this.

@BestGirlGrace the first kind are really born out of a namespace limitation, yeah?

But as we grow away from heavily centralized community infrastructure, such as messengers and google and whatever else, towards federated community model, I can be and someone else can be @weedboner@stoner.networks and can be understood as different people.

@Anarkat Sure, but you see this even on twitter, which has both a huge number of users and the same risk of namespace exhaustion.

@BestGirlGrace numbered usernames had an interesting side effect of working as an informal cross-site identifier because people generally used the same one everywhere. you could search xXx_sepiroth512 and find the same person's lj and deviantart and xanga immediately

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