@BestGirlGrace wait which pill was a metaphor for HRT I haven't watched the matrix

@lunalapin i remember watching some def con talk online and it got interrupted while some organizers came in and made the presenter drink a beer?

@lunalapin it's a good talk, i wish there was more of it instead of like ten minutes of weird beer drinking

@lunalapin i was into the infosec scene a bit in college and they fall into

- brogrammer
- middle-aged raytheon ghoul
- regular-seeming guy with surprising opinions
- troop

@lunalapin the one cool guy i remember from that was an ex-troop who told me "don't join the army, you're too smart for that"

@lunalapin of course, since then i've met a number of cool trans hacktivists, but there aren't many of those in south dakota

@Draekos @BestGirlGrace Alright, I know what I'm commissioning of one of your characters this October, Kos. Just need to figure out which embraces the reason for the season with her entire ass.

@Draekos @BestGirlGrace I'm on my bullshit again, paying Kos over $100 for a shitpost.

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