i'm gonna have to figure out some way to use my computer without it killing my wrist


i think my desk is too high up, but i don't really know how to ensure a new desk is at the right height

even the fancy adjustable ones seem to bottom out at, like, an inch less than my current desk

@BestGirlGrace if your desk isn't cooperating, you can also try adjusting your chair

@hexwren my chair is, unfortunately, as high up as it gets, and that's including a three inch-thick cushion


I just attached a keyboard tray to my IKEA Malm. It's a bit of a tight fit, but it works well enough.

@Inumo This desk came with a keyboard tray that I fucked up attaching. I should try attaching it again, but it's not big enough for the mouse, which is the real wrist killer


Can you attach just like, a plank of wood to make a little mouse tray?


Ah, narrow desk? You could probably do a fold-out shindig if you can pull the tray fully out.

@Inumo Actually, I think there might be a perfect place to just wedge, like, a long plank or something, now that I look.

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