everyone's talking about "doug walker", but I'm here talking about "dog water"

i'm watching the folding ideas video about doug walker's the wall again to cure my imposter syndrome

i'm sure my horny furry OCs would have good opinions on Pink Floyd's the wall

I don't know what they would be because I haven't seen the wall, but

@BestGirlGrace the implication here is that all horny OCs are either steampunk or furry, and all steampunk furries are either horny or OCs

@emi I could talk about how it was late and I didn't bother fixing the diagram, but it's funnier to say "I've never seen a chaste steampunk furry"


In parts, steampunk, horny furry, and furry OC.

In aggregate, dead center baybeeeeee.

@BestGirlGrace that diagram doesn't allow for just "horny OC" or "Steampunk furry", try this

@jordyn there we go. I finished the post, realized this, and by that point, I was going to bed instead of fixing it.

@jordyn @BestGirlGrace shit, I dropped my pills and can't tell my steampunk from my oc

@BestGirlGrace it has been [0] days since I mistook a 4-circle venn diagram for the plural rings

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