thinking about recording myself being mad at video games. has anyone done this yet

*an aide whispers in my ear* well, shit. what about movies. has anyone been mad about those yet

*an aide whispers in my other ear* alright, alright. what about old children's media. can i be mad about that online

*another aide whispers in my ear* i wouldn't describe myself as a "nostalgia critic", where did that even come from?

alright, fine. I'll be cool about things. I can be the Nice Video Game Skunk

I don't like the way this knockoff nintendo logo font looks, but if i ever need to start a video game opinions youtube channel, I'll be ready

this is why you have multiple sona species. so you have some flexibility when naming potential video game reviewer brands


I'd make one for the Lady, but fae wouldn't even know where to fuckin' start with a video game

@BestGirlGrace ok but the idea of a fae having to be explained like, anything more complicated than Maze Crazy on the Atari and then having to do a retrospective on it would be grade A content

@LANthus okay, yes, it would be fun to chronicle her going from "what the hell is this" to appreciating it as its own storytelling medium and how it brought her closer to whatever mortal got her on this in the first place

@LANthus making a bargain with the fair folk to make one guest star on your video game youtube channel

@BestGirlGrace yes. I wanna see a bargin where the human is the one having to explain every step of the way and the fae is the one mumbling "what have a got myself into..."

@LANthus She assumes it'll be like reading a story or putting on a play, and it is Not

@BestGirlGrace "is it anything like theatre? Is this a uh... "Play" thing???"
"No it's not... Well... Actually... Uh, kinda I guess in an ephemeral way?”

@BestGirlGrace mastodon showed this image on a black background so when I clicked on the post to read a thread I got a bonus word and System

@BestGirlGrace Who would show up to the library excited to show The Lady a custom Nintendo sign they made for her?

@rockario I can just imagine someone having to explain to her what this is and what it means

@BestGirlGrace Like, they start out really excited and are *really* trying to keep that energy going even after realizing just how much they are gonna have to explain.

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