I don't know what all this "mega CoQ10" stuff is, but I assume it'll make it so my dick doesn't fit in my pants any more

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I... assume it's short for coenzyme Q or something? Which I've never heard of but wouldn't be surprised by its existence considering CoA exists. Hang on I wanna find out what bullshit they're peddling, Google time.

I read the Wikipedia page & parsed it 


Okay, it is in fact coenzyme Q, specifically the form that has 10 of a certain subunit (thus coenzyme Q10, thus CoQ10). It's a component in the electron transport chain that helps you make energy, so the heart claims are probably because high-energy organs like the heart use a lot of it. The fact that it's ubiquinol (i.e. the fully reduced, more polar version of coenzyme Q10) means it gets absorbed better. That all said, your body already makes CoQ10 on its own, and AFAIK CoQ10 gets recycled/regenerated during electron transport, so you're probably mostly just pooping this stuff out. You don't really need to supplement with CoQ10 unless you have certain genetic mutations that reduce synthesis or burn through it faster than they should. Bright side, the safe level for taking CoQ10 is friggin' 1200mg/day, so unless folks're chugging this bottle I assume they probably won't die from CoQ10 toxicity. It's mostly gastrointestinal problems anyways.

@Inumo This seems like one of those "it's not really worth it unless your doctor tells you to take it, but it's one of those things that all the talk shows are on about, so here it is."


Yeah, pretty much. "Here, are you tired? It's totally not the crushing weight of an ongoing pandemic, it's because your mitochondria don't have enough CoQ10 to produce all the energy you need! It's part of an important scientific reaction, see? That means more must be better! *shock jock radio noises* Take this pill!"

@BestGirlGrace This is one of many reasons why Jars Of Mysterious Or Experimental Drink Powder are a popular transformation trigger for muscle- and hyperfurs.

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