i can't believe they did stepmania on the compiz 3d cube

"some guy came up to us and asked if he could implement shaders for our game. three days later, he was turning out stuff like this cube*

well, open source was already good. the problem with open source is that it's a lot of high-quality work that's right there for corporations to yoink

well, okay, the problem with free software (and, specifically, the GPL and company) is that. the problem with open source is either that it has the problems of free software, or it's a way for corps to open source some of their stuff to get free contributions or any number of other cynical reasons

@BestGirlGrace It's a shame that the whole dev process fell apart after 5.0 but at least 5.0's in a pretty goodd state

@junebug oh, absolutely. don't get me started on the cult of personality shit, all the exploitation that goes on, the barrier to entry, Richard Stallman, we could be here all day

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