unix make is an example of what we call an expert system. this horny robot is what we call a sexpert system

historically, an expert system is something that "emulates the decision-making ability of a human expert", and, like, you could describe what make does like that, but only in the sense that you could describe almost anything a computer does as "emulating the decision-making ability of a human expert".

make uses the more pragmatic definition of expert system: software that takes a list of rules and some input, and it applies the rules on the input to reach some desired state

in headier days of AI (the 70s and 80s), the idea was that you'd program a computer with everything a doctor knows, and then you could have the computer be a doctor or a lawyer or whatever

in practice, this doesn't really work, partially because you can't put everything a doctor knows into a computer

also, like, an inference engine like this is basically a SAT solver, so you have an NP-hard problem that scales really with the number of rules

like, even if all your rules are binary yes/no choices, you have to search 2^n possible combinations

like, obviously, some expert systems DO work. Make is great at is job. It's just that in the 70s, they didn't know what was hard and what was impossible yet, so you get a lot of weird hubris and a lot of weird... whatever the opposite of hubris is

"Computer vision? Easy. A baby can do it, it's gotta be easy for the computer. Real artificial intelligence is when the computer can play chess."

*computers can beat the best human players at chess effortlessly* ah, nevertheless. real AI is when the computer is racist

of course, there's also the phenomenon of "once computers get good at something, it's not considered AI any more." Computers being good at chess isn't AI any more. AI is driving cars now.

wikipedia: it used to be, calling your thing AI hurt your sales
me: damn, i wish that were us

nowadays, AI means "we used a neural network or something similarly computationally intensive to chew up a bunch of input data and make decisions based on that"

say what you will about expert systems, but at least they can show their work

thinking about that "emulates the decision-making ability of a human expert" definition again and how the reason we call these things "computers" is because they do the work of people whose job was to do math all day. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer

@BestGirlGrace nowadays ai means "we used a neural network so there's no way to be sure that we did racism"

@BestGirlGrace ai is when the computer can fuck things up as severely as a human could

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