I'm gonna see if I have the stuff for alton brown's pan spaghetti

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holy shit, that is way different

I don't know if it's the kosher salt or the pan method or both, but I've never had spaghetti like this before


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this is night and day. i'm gonna cook spaghetti like this from now on

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me, before: garlic salt is just as good, right
me, now: i see why everyone talks about kosher salt, this works miracles

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@BestGirlGrace There's a great Netflix series called salt sweet acid heat that gets into the granular details (pun intended) of salt types in the first episode

Garlic salt is basically just table salt mixed with garlic powder

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@lunalapin Yeah, I'm mostly surprised that the larger grains make this much of a difference. Wild.

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@BestGirlGrace yeah they get into all that and it's deeply fascinating, highly rec that series

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