I know what you need. What you crave. It's a new episode of We Were Hit By A Horse Truck And Got Isekai'd Into Equestria? We talk about one Trixie Lulamoon and how I didn't get as much gender from her as I could have.

@BestGirlGrace trixie is trans and gay and has a hopeless crush on twilight

@BestGirlGrace also i love that one character designer who kept getting asked to make villains for the show and like

meghan mccarthy: okay we need a villain for equestria girls
that one character designer: gotcha. girlfriend for twilight
mm: and we need a villain for mlp the movie
tocd: gotcha. girlfriend for twilight
mm: and we need another villain for the show as well, and she can't be twilight's girlfriend this time
tocd: gotcha. girlfriend for trixie

i suspect this is not what really happened but it's nice and gay to think about

@BestGirlGrace "Horn with good mouth-feel" is a powerful phrase in the right context

@rockario Look at that horn and tell me it doesn't look like just a delight to smooch.

@BestGirlGrace You're lucky you're tall, or you might find somepony checking on the mouthfeel of that ahoge

@rockario People have chewed on my hair before. The verdict seems to be "soft, but doesn't taste very good".

@BestGirlGrace hmm, yeah, not quite up to the level of a cute vibrating horn

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