today i learned that youtube-dl isn't what you might call "currently maintained" and so i've moved to a fork


ahh rip, I had assumed I was doing something wrong but that would explain it

is there a fork you can recommend?


lol the complaints I've seen are people whining that it doesn't support python 2

I'm sorry this is software you use on your personal machine, not some enterprise setup where there's actually half an excuse for still using python 2


anyway it really is wild to be reminded of just how small of a bus factor so many widely used foss projects have lmao

But what if I want to watch youtube on Windows 95 where there's no Python 3????


@BestGirlGrace oh shit what fork you rocking homeslice? Don't wanna give YouTube the scrilla

@BestGirlGrace youtube-dl fork with SPONSORBLOCK INTEGRATION?!?!


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