kink meta // 

it bothers me that in a "dom's market" subs are sort of reduced to bidding against each other for limited attention?

because that obviously favors
— willingness to do more types or more intense kink
— being easy to please, or otherwise get a reaction out of
— talking about how available for kink stuff they are, like, all the time

none of those are inherently bad (prly not great as community dynamics tho)

mainly, I'm not that kind of person, and I want to find ppl similar to me!

kink meta // 

@lioness I've been in communities where this is the case, and it's not great to watch? It really hurts the ability to negotiate consent and, like, find out what a sub really wants when they feel pressured to be Totally Available For Anything.


kink meta // 

@lioness and also the weird situation where subs kinda have this "Oh, jeez, I didn't think I'd get this far" response and just generally haven't put much thought into their own needs or what they want to do

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