for people who haven't played fractals of the mists in guild wars 2:

bouncing viirastra's marble is a required mechanic; if you drop it it explodes and turns into an angry air elemental
skorvald's eye icon, like pretty much every boss with this mechanic, means "physically turn your character to look away or you will take damage and get stunned or worse"
standing on the pressure plates in the underground fractal is required to progress
mai trin is immune to damage unless she stands in horrik's purple attack

this AI is pretty much indistinguishable from a website that runs grep on a naughty words list

and as a result it says that wildlife conservation is morally wrong

this is a perfect example of why you shouldn't trust AI

why does Delphi have a strong opinion on this one

and why does it think "to take away their pain" is something abhorrent

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