@BestGirlGrace Trying (and failing) to think of sufficiently gendery psuedo-celebrities to match with :(

@BestGirlGrace Oh yeah he's got hella gender but I think he's too high-profile, you gotta think like

....you know we don't really have that mid-tier of celebrity anymore like in the 70s

@witchfynder_finder Yeah, the death of monoculture means that, like, someone's either really famous or just, like, contextually famous

Who's between "popular youtuber/podcaster" and "person who is in big, expensive movies"

@BestGirlGrace nice gender, did your mom pick it for you?

hell no, I won it on a gameshow!

@squeedoodle @BestGirlGrace the show was called β€œWho The Hell Even Wants This Gender, Am I Right Folks? But Seriously, We’ve Got A Great Show For You Tonight.”

most people just call it β€œThe Hell?” for short.

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