@BestGirlGrace *is thinking of some sort of blow"not a real"job or blow contract work reply*

@BestGirlGrace hey grace want a blowcareer a salary*, benefits**, and upward momentum***

*pizza afterwards
**also cuddling
***i'll call you boss but like in a horny way

@fluxom_alt I guess you would be giving me the blowcareer, but it's weird to give someone a job and then call them "boss", so the metaphor is weird, but horny, either way

@BestGirlGrace @fluxom_alt you're hired and also promoted above my current rank in the company

@BestGirlGrace okay fair you know what you call me CEO and then after blowcareers I give you an employee review and either promote* you, give you a raise**, or do neither and talk about how upward mobility*** is limited in this economy

*w i n k
**fancy pizza night
***i don't have the energy to do other horny stuff and kinda just wanna cuddle and nap now

@fluxom_alt on one hand, damn you, glass ceiling

on the other, i do appreciate the opportunity to cuddle and nap

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