thinking about releasing an app everyone hates so much that they start noticing that i'm taking a lot of money from online casinos

anyways, online casinos, if you want to sponsor me for three hundred dollars a month, you know where to find me

i already get a lot of gender from casino theming. it'd be a match made in cyberspace

eugen refuses to interact with me because my instance is at, but he will take money from sex toy stores, essay writing websites, and a website that sells instagram followers. really makes you think

i bet he'd be okay with me if i paid him a few hundred bucks a month

if anyone wants to pay me to write their essays, i'll do it so long as those essays are also allowed to be pornography

i can and do write things that aren't pornography, but it's funny to imagine someone sending their teacher furry tf smut or whatever

specifically, furry tf smut that also answers all the questions the essay needs to

"yeah, just because i'm getting turned into a big, constantly erect werewolf doesn't mean i don't have informed opinions on the threatened habitat of the prairie chicken"

"grace, why prairie chickens"
"i had to remember something i wrote an essay on for school, and this thing i wrote in like third grade was the first one that came to mind"

@lunalapin gagron (mastodon man) released the official mastodon iOS app today. it's missing a lot of features, like "the ability to post unlisted" and "the local and federated timelines", apparently in an effort to make it more like using Twitter. so now folks are talking about him and pointing out that has a bunch of casinos on the sponsorship list despite saying that "We cannot accept sponsorships that are not appropriate for all audiences, e.g. no pornographic material, casinos or gambling sites"

@lunalapin @BestGirlGrace i might not have learned this if you hadn’t straight up asked so thanks yo

@BestGirlGrace I support this, because I want to be able to win on slot machines by phreaking

@BestGirlGrace eugen blocked me a while back and I assume it was because I kept trying to talk to him about software development whereas it's clear now that all eugen does is boost cat picture and accept sponsorship money from online casino

@ben @BestGirlGrace
all he know is take sponsor money from dodgy sources, boost cat pics, eat RAM, and lie about reasons for closing bug reports.

@jordyn thanks! it's a good one, and it's a nice little niche to occupy every now and again.

@BestGirlGrace It's definitely pretty close by to the "neon machine" region of my gender manifold

@BestGirlGrace a great gender is the twins from TAZ Balance who run Wonderland, which are one part elf, three parts vogue and twenty seven parts sadist

@millenomi from what i've seen of it: I do love their combination of game show host, casino owner, and vaguely fae/supervillainous victim toying

@millenomi Ah, this hits a lot of good genders. I wanna welcome heroes into my flashy, brilliant clutches and make them play my horny, menacing games.

@BestGirlGrace where on the queer villain scale do totally legitimate essay writing websites fall? :3

@ari on one hand, the idea of cheating oneself out of an education and going into the world with phony credentials frosts me

on the other, it's still better than a website that sells instagram followers

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