presidential fitness test? lemme test if i can fitness whole president in my mouth

if the secret service shows up at my door for making a joke about voring the president, i'll consider that a win

"Miss Lovelace? We're following up on a post you made online about 'I'm going to vore Joe Biden unless he builds high-speed rail from coast to coast.'"

In my head, they're Pete and Myka Warehouse13, because this dang copaganda works

I'm just saying that if I was in charge of writing Warehouse 13, I think it'd be really funny to have them question a six foot six lesbian skunkgirl about her president vore joke

She's not up to anything relevant, but she does hit Pete with her tail every time she turns around

I just think it'd be fun to see if I could make the Lady canon in the SyFyniverse

it'd be really funny to see them try to explain the fact that the fair folk exist with their scientific technobabble

Artie saying something about "Oh, yeah, make sure you keep some silver at the threshold" or "Don't give them your names, just in case" would be good, honestly

If I riff on this any more, I'm just gonna wind up writing Warehouse 13 fanfiction

you know there'd be a whole thing about not eating fae food, but the Lady made cookies

if i ever commission a second horny political cartoon, it might be this

mostly, the thing is that i'd feel weird seeing my fursona eating a dude when i'm not all that into vore, save for making weird jokes about it

@BestGirlGrace oh uh the fair folk exist.

why do you think area 51 is so classified? aliens? why would they come here? nah.

@KitRedgrave "Aliens? I mean, I guess they're pretty alien, but we've got our hands full with whatever's on the other side of the hedge."

@BestGirlGrace Speaking as a person of long tail, we don't see enough of long tails used to whap anthros.

@Austin_Dern It's good! Sure, you can only say "whoops, didn't see you there~" so many times, but you can't beat the sound it makes.


"We wanted to let you know we're on it. Please, the work can only go so fast, please spare my Pa Joe"

@BestGirlGrace building high speed rail from the white house to my mouth

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