i am watching tom scott make a video and i'm imagining being in a video with him

"I'm here at the pornography mines with noted crime skunk, Princess Grace."

I don't know why I'm imaging him interviewing my fursona instead of my actual human body, but it's funnier this way

"I'm here at the Library, where the Lady and her kobolds record every Story ever told." He says, gesturing to her thigh because she's currently far too large to fit into the frame

"what would tom scott interview your oc/sona/etc. about" is the sequel to "why would george costanza break up with 'em"

Tom Scott following Bird Call up a radio tower, talking about phone phreaking or whatever, and realizing far too late that he's now an accessory to something extremely illegal

the ending shot of tom scott interviewing the Lady is him being dangled by a newfound tail to say "and that is something you might not have known" at the camera

I wonder if I'll find out how big holly glaceon is in this thread

@BestGirlGrace "here, hold this"
"hey my hands are full can you flip that switch when the light turns green? thanks"
"put on this vest and hard hat real quick, this next area is dangerous. i'll do the talking," etc

@SapphicGiraffic I really like the idea that one or both of them is still talking to the camera during all this, and the security guards they're going past don't notice, just like they don't notice the six foot tall anthropomorphic crow explaining the weaknesses in their security

@BestGirlGrace i actually met tom scott once he has exactly the same tone off-camera as on-camera

@BestGirlGrace he was in toronto doing support on a live show with adam savage and we bumped into him outside the show with several fans and he made a big talking circle with us all and asked us what we all did and very enthusiastically listened to each of our stories it was pretty chill tbh

@BestGirlGrace he wouldn't interview me, he'd bring me on for one of his game shows

@BestGirlGrace if Ashens put your oc on his couch what would the video be titled

@ben weird gay skunk, but he'd call me a "weird smelly dog" for half the video

@BestGirlGrace "if it turns out to be something sexual, I will" [remainder of this sentence gets edited into a song]

@BestGirlGrace is this like kormir's library where kormir doesn't know anything because she's the goddess of truth and knowledge, not the goddess of being able to figure out what knowledge means?

imo this is exactly the kind of entertainment fursonas are perfect for

@BestGirlGrace tom scott is like "I'm here at the dasani water from 30 years ago"

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