cosplay selfies, eye contact 

Look, these spreadsheets have to be purrfect as soon as pawsible, or you're nyever getting that promotion.

I tried the tie on as a lark because it's not like I have a collar, and it just reads as "I'm your boss, a catgirl"

you know, I didn't realize the glasses were askew until afterwards, but it really adds to the whole mad scientist vibe

same with the fact that my hair decided to be Like That

it's a pain in the ass to tie a tie with long hair, it's gotta be even worse with big, bappy pawbs

i hated having to wear a tie for presenting masculinity reasons, but i love wearing a tie for cosplay and/or gender reasons. really makes you think

thinking about getting a bow tie to complete my transition from force femmed ira glass to force femmed bill nye

@BestGirlGrace make one of your lab assistants tie the thing for you. especially if you have that dynamic where they're like "dammit boss, you're supposed to be the face of our department. let me fix that."

and you're like "hush, electron microscope servant! my work speaks for itself"

and they're like "yeah but my postdoc won't pay for itself. i know you're the boss, but we need to get re-funded, so you need to look like it!"

and then you're all "okay, okay. you know i value your attention to detail, Dr. Taylor. you're a critical part of this mad science organization" and let them do it

but also bop 'em one with your pawbs as they're doing it, so they don't get *too* smug

@vyr This is extremely good. As a bonus, consider the fact that this catgirl surrounds herself with rat and mouse girls as lab assistants. So there's either a step ladder involved or Dr. Taylor had to ask for and get uppies.

cosplay selfies, eye contact 

@BestGirlGrace Bill Lumpurrgh

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