thinking about weird al's ponysona and how he ships himself with pinkie pie

i mean, if i were weird al, i'd also ship myself with pinkie pie

@LexYeen As far as I know, yes, but I'll admit I haven't thought about it very hard

@BestGirlGrace i would love to assume that the writers arbitrarily did that and that it wasn't a request from Mr. Al himself. fkfjdkfj

@BestGirlGrace pinkie is married to fluttershy tho im pretty sure

mlp: fim finale spoilers i guess 

@the_gayest_goat_in_town @BestGirlGrace i mean she's clearly intended to have married weird al's ponysona, since they're shown being vaguely domestic and her kid's name is li'l cheese?

however said kid has fluttershy's exact colour scheme, which suggests to me that flutters is one of their actual parents,

and also flutters and pinkie are deeply in love and i shall die on this hill


@BestGirlGrace Hold UP. I knew about the first part, BUT NOT THAT SECOND PART.

@OchotonidKnight oh, yeah, Cheeese Sandwich's whole first appearance is about how much he admires Pinkie Pie, and the finale implies they have a child together

@BestGirlGrace Beyond all the many other sentiments I have about this, why does their emblem look photoshopped-on?

@OchotonidKnight I'm not sure, I'm willing to blame the fact that not every screenshot of something animated is going to look perfect.

@BestGirlGrace That is a sufficient explanation for that one specific issue I have

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