i submit that, since Aquaman has established that he can control silverfish with his mind, he should also be able to control indie game dingus Phil Fish

@BestGirlGrace i question wether this would be better or worse

thought part of me knows anything is better than phil fish speaking

@BestGirlGrace i think at least

itll be ever so slightly better

@BestGirlGrace but i kinda feel that both phil fish and aquaman (and generally any dc hero) share the same mindset

just if phil fish becomes aqua phil man hell be obnoxious about the ocean rather than video gfames

@BestGirlGrace only slightly unrelated but ij ust realised batman and elon musk are the same person just eon musk hasnt gone so far as to vigilantisim yet

and i really hope he never sees this

@BestGirlGrace Is Aquaman a hero that takes advantage of the vagueries of language?
Is he less powerful in places where less things are referred to as fish?

@rockario One assumes so, yes. That, or his powers are broader than he gives them credit for (all life lived in the sea at some point, no?), and so he thinks his powers only work on things he considers fish

@BestGirlGrace I like that, he can talk to any living creature, they just need to be in touch with the deep part of their brain leftover from pre-land life.

@irisjaycomics @BestGirlGrace Oo, I like that even better. Lots of room to play with what animals are monarchists

@rockario @BestGirlGrace Black Manta does not recognize the sovereignty of the Throne of Atlantis. one must wonder if any sea creatures in his employ are also seperatists

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