good morning. I'm still thinking about Lady Edgeworth from the all-lady Ace Attorney stage musical

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the whole musical rules, but Edgeworth has the most gender going on

good news: fansubs for the second one exist
bad news: they were on MediaFire in 2011 and have long since vanished

they were re-uploaded to Dropbox in 2013, but that link is broken, too, and the livejournal they were on is long since broken

A DVD of the performance is 80 bucks before shipping, and I doubt it comes with subtitles. I have the video, I just don't have the subtitles.

if anyone wants to time travel back to 2013, i have a job for you

I have the link and everything! It'd be so easy to just boop the subtitles file and be done with it! But, unfortunately, time and capitalism.

if the person's livejournal wasn't long-deleted, i'd dust off my old account to message them

anyways, please enjoy Franziska from Gyakuten Saiban 2: The Truth Reborn Again

she and Miles get a duet

@BestGirlGrace oh my gosh the gender in that show was *cheffkiss*

@BestGirlGrace I'm assuming you checked the big subtitle database we use on movie night? :(

@Canageek Yeah, opensubtitles just has the (also good) Takagi Mike film. And I have subtitles for the first musical, but not the second (or third, but i'm not even sure a fansub exists for the third).

@BestGirlGrace i havent been able to find subtitles for the second yet but I did find a clip from their Legend of Galactic Heroes play and


@rockario @Canageek I've seen as much of it as I want to, but maybe I'll turn off the subtitles and just enjoy the music.

@BestGirlGrace hearing everyone in voice chat suddenly drop everything to go "oh hello? hELLO!?!?" was a gender unto itself

@BestGirlGrace this looks amazing and I hope to see it someday

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