i know that it's possible to do math to work out probabilities, but that sounds harder that writing a program to simulate drawing a hand of cards a million times and keeping track of what percentage of them have the properties you want.

and, by throwing four cores at it, I can simulate seven million draws in 45 seconds. beautiful.

@BestGirlGrace Also, I like this in the spirit of "sure, there's math to model this. But wouldn't it be more fun to simulate? Or even, dare I say, make an interactive simulation?"

@BestGirlGrace you don't have to know how to do the math, but you do have to know how to lead a computer to do it for you.

@doubleDensity the cruel irony is that you have to know enough math to tell the computer what to do.

@BestGirlGrace make sure you wrote your simulation correctly so you don't accuse holly monorail glaceon of spreading misinfo because you think you disproved the fucking solution to the monty hall problem

@monorail if I were going to accuse holly monorail glaceon of being wrong about the monty hall problem, I would simply not do so unless I was correct

@BestGirlGrace they went on to refuse to stay in their lane when three or four trans people were telling them to shut the fuck up about trans stuff and they were cool being good friends with racists so i'm not too bothered about it

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