what i'd like is a little USB switch- like something i can flip on and off, maybe with a little LED indicator- that sits on my desk and mutes my microphone

on one hand, a clicky switch would be fun

on the other, it'd make noise that the microphone can pick up and I'd wanna stim with it

@BestGirlGrace I personally use a transcriptionist's footswitch for my push-to-talk, it's super-convenient

and clicky

@hexwren see, if I could do push-to-mute, that'd be pretty ideal. I just need to mute myself while typing or drinking.

@BestGirlGrace I had to look up what a vim pedal was and my thoughts are:

a) that is a cool and good idea
b) what the fuck kind of hell-sadist software has you change input modes by typing regular-ass letters on the keyboard

@hexwren Hey, I like vim! But it is the epitome of "once you've conquered the learning cliff, you are *cooking*"

@BestGirlGrace I mean...how do you even type words if letters are commands. am I just some smoothbrain idiot who doesn't get it?

@hexwren When you start vim, it's in "normal" mode, where the letters are commands. some commands (usually i, for "insert"), put you into "insert" mode, which lets you type text normally.

"normal" mode is where you usually spend your time, though, because those commands let you do all sorts of useful stuff really quickly. I don't know how I lived without a three-character command for "delete whatever's inside these quotes and put me into insert mode" (ci", or Change Inside double quotes)"

@BestGirlGrace huh. thats...well, as you said, it sounds like it's a learning cliff.

@hexwren it is absolutely the editor someone would write in 1976 for a Unix machine at the time, yeah

I used to keep a cheat sheet up on the other monitor until the useful commands wound up in muscle memory. It helps that almost all my typing these days is done in something that uses vim keybinds.


@hexwren If you are willing to be Rock Lee with the training weights, it gives you code editing superpowers.

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