agile software is when you do stand ups and the more stand ups you do, the more agile it is

agile software is when you assign a point value to all your user stories and make tasks for all of them and then you wind up doing whatever the PM says is urgent

agile software is when you do story points and velocity instead of hard time estimates, and then management won't leave you alone until you give an estimate anyways

agile software is when you move fast and break things, thus tricking whoever the DRI that week is into doing the actual work

I'd probably be less harsh on agile if I'd ever been on a team that lived up to the promises

maybe we should try extreme programming again. at least that had a funny name

extreme programming is... I think when you do pair programming and/or you do programming on a skateboard


*are you a chicken or a pig voice* are you nacho cheese or cool ranch

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@BestGirlGrace ... These being the names of two dev teams somewhere is completely believable. It probably happened because they had to pick names after working 20 hours straight, and those were the free snacks in the conference room.

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