@lemoncarrots @BestGirlGrace (me, the DM) You walk in to the mystical tower and encounter Jerrzek Seinfezzld. Roll for initiative. (a Seinfeld bass riff starts playing)

@lemoncarrots @BestGirlGrace A Kr'mer appears at the door to the tower to complain about the water pressure in his cave. Roll a Willpower save.

@breakfastgolem @BestGirlGrace I roll a 2, but I make the save anyway because I have a high flow shower head that gives me a huge bonus

@rockario this is a pretty good name, especially if you only tell people your character's first name

up there with Rolle For Initiative

@BestGirlGrace @rockario ahhhh, Lady Fernishitiv, truly one of the great heroes of this land.

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