I'll be honest, if I got fired for being trans, and the company apologized to me 52 years later, i'd tell 'em to fuck off

i realize i have my anti-capitalist sympathies, but it's hard to read this as anything other than "too little, too late"

at my middle school graduation, the bully who beat me up at every occasion apologized. it doesn't fucking count if you do it at the last possible moment.


hey, IBM, what about the other trans people you fired 50 years ago. did you apologize to them. or do you only apologize to famous people

@BestGirlGrace just caught up with what's going on and LMAOOOO WHAT THE FUCK, HEY IBM, SHUT UP

@irisjaycomics "Hey, we fired this person for being trans 50 years ago, and it's just starting to become a PR problem. We should do something."

@BestGirlGrace it's a good thing IBM never did anything ELSE that might be viewed as problematic in 2020

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