everyone talks about the fact that we say "roll the window up" despite the fact that car windows aren't operated by a crank any more, but nobody talks about the fact that we "ship" software despite the fact that almost no software gets shipped to stores any more

in response to everyone who saw this post and made the "relationshipping" connection: general public lesbians

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@BestGirlGrace no Grace you don't understand, we're trying to ❤️ship❤️ software

@artemis msync is dating fluency, but really wants to date buzz off!. grace attorney is still trying to figure stuff out

@lyskar "Static Void Lesbian" is a pretty powerful gender, come to think of it

@BestGirlGrace software these days doesn't even display plausible evidence for romantic feelings for other software

@Aleums microsoft office 2003 is a polycule, except for powerpoint, who yearns for WordPerfect

@Aleums @BestGirlGrace thank you for correctly guessing that i would enjoy this post

@BestGirlGrace but we do have some end user trying to create a fiction of an impossible pairing (the software x their using it on their particular computer without problem)

@BestGirlGrace this is why the birdsite took all of those ships and made fleets o.o

@BestGirlGrace im not sure why some software gets rolled out but i imagine it somehow involves a mobile launch platform moving towards launchpad 39a

or maybe carpet

@SapphicGiraffic @BestGirlGrace Jessica, I though you meant a hidden object game about Walmart and Shovelware

@rockario @BestGirlGrace MYST but instead of an island i am trying to escape a walmart super center

@SapphicGiraffic @BestGirlGrace Hidden object about trying to find the titles by recognizable devs and publishers on a shelf of jewel cases

@rockario @SapphicGiraffic Yeah, I've seen you go through CDs before. You know what you're looking for, the hard part is spotting it.

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